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‘Due to increased demand and significant success across all McKie Mastery UK

Schools, I am delighted to offer new bite-size catch-up premium programmes to all UK non-member Primary Schools. As the National Closure of schools continues to cause all educators real concern for our students, the new Booster Packages are aimed at our now most vulnerable year groups:
Current Year 5 Cohort and current Reception Cohort.

McKie Mastery Power Phonics™ has a proven track record across several UK Primary and Special Provision schools. The package includes all training, materials and support which ensures absolute consistency across any school. Power Phonics is not an abstract /oral /content/activity-led system but rather a consistent quality-first teaching method.  Vast and fast improvement is achieved using this method, in order to teach all children to use  phonics to read and write.

Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP Minister of State for School Standards Oct 2019
‘Your excellent teaching of Phonics is something I hope to see replicated across the country…with a 100% of pupils reaching or exceeding the pass mark in the check your school is in the Top 2% of all primary schools in the country’
96-100% Pass Rate sustained over several years (First UK Lead MM Member School)
Vast and fast Improvement – Pre-Implementation 42% to 85% After Implementation (UK MM Member School)
All licensed schools have significantly improved and sustained high results after implementing MM Power Phonics. Most recent school rise of over 35% in one term of implementation.


To date, ALL OFSTED inspections of schools which use McKie Mastery including Power Phonics, show radically improved gradings and feedback. Without exception. 

Direct and most recent quotes from inspection reports include : 

‘Reading is promoted well throughout the school. Pupils are becoming increasingly confident readers. Teachers are skilled at teaching phonics so that most pupils typically reach the expected standard in the national phonics screening check by the end of Year 1’ (Primary School 2020) 

‘Relatively recent improvements have been made to the teaching of reading, writing and mathematics, resulting in pupils’ rapid progress.’ (Primary School 2019)


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