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McKie Mastery™  is a highly innovative teaching and learning program which re-trains teachers to radically change and replace the standard model. In my view the standard model often fails both students and teachers. It also makes transparent, fair and robust leadership much more difficult.

McKie Mastery™ is about the how we teach not the what we teach. It is not: resources or single gimmick activities or a ‘content- based’ /lesson plan scheme. It is: radical change in the way teachers teach, students learn and leaders lead.

Claire McKie
Teacher and Founder


The latest OFSTED inspections in all licensed schools have shown radical improvements in a short period of time. For example, schools moving from Inadequate or Requires Improvement to a solid Good in less than 6 months implementation.

Amanda Spielman (HM Chief Inspector OFSTED) recently wrote to a McKie Mastery Member School congratulating leaders for significant changes, remarking ‘I am pleased to see that new ways of teaching the curriculum in both English and Mathematics are providing pupils with a better, more logically sequenced way of learning’ (Dec 2019).


‘MM could revolutionise the way we teach. Since adopting MM we have seen a consistent level of very high results well above the National Average. The benefits have been: high achievement by the children (great results from Phonics through to KS 2 results), great work-life balance for teachers and spare money (we don’t need any additional support in the classroom). Children have become independent learners and that is the key to its success.

(Top 2% in UK Phonics, Outstanding rating , 3 times shortlisted for TES awards Primary School of the Year)

– Pauline

Head Teacher Primary School, The first HT in UK to implement McKie Mastery

The introduction of McKie Mastery at Palace Fields had a significant impact on the quality of teaching and learning across the school.  The underpinning pedagogy has transformed the way that we now teach and provided a consistent whole-school approach that has brought about rapid progress.  The introduction of McKie Mastery, together with dedicated staff united in a common vision for all children to achieve, ensured school improvement at an incredible rate.  The combination of several factors, including McKie Mastery, proves that rapid school improvement that sees a whole school transformed in a short space of time is indeed possible.“

– Paul

Primary School Principal, (led ‘mammoth transformation’ after less than 6 months implementation)

‘I was impressed with McKie Mastery before I even knew what it was. When I visited a school where it was embedded, what I saw instead was consistently outstanding teaching which delivered such clarity for the children they had no other option but to learn. As the founding principal of a new school I could be accused of taking a gamble on something I hadn’t worked with before. It’s simplicity but robustness meant I didn’t feel that way at all. I am not a fan of initiatives and quick fixes and MM is anything but. Within the first term of delivering our phonics and English using this framework we saw some of our children making up to a year’s progress in just 8 weeks. We neither use or need anything else to deliver our teaching and learning. Teachers love it. Parent’s love it. I love it.’


Executive Principal, Large Primary School


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