How can I catch up Maths?

‘Due to increased demand and significant success across all McKie Mastery UK

Schools, I am delighted to offer new bite-size Catch-up premium programmes to all UK non-member Primary Schools. As the National Closure of schools continues to cause all educators real concern for our students, the new Booster Packages are aimed at our now most vulnerable year groups:

Current Year 5 Cohort

The McKie Mastery Power Maths Catch-up premium program and Power Reading Catch-up premium programPackage have one goal – to reach the highest outcomes possible for our current Year 5 cohort in a very short period of time. Accelerated progress is proven when using all tools and strategies included in each Booster Package.


Sustained success


at or above KS2 Expected Standard, 41% at highest standard (most recent results in a UK Lead MM Member School).

Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP Minister of State for School Standards Jan 2020

‘Your Schools results as published on 13th December, show that 100% of your pupils reached or exceeded the expected standards in Mathematics at the end of Key Stage 2. This means for achievements for Mathematics, this school is in the top 2% of primary schools across the UK ’A UK McKie Mastery Lead School

McKie Mastery Power Maths has delivered fast and vast improvements across all member schools. KS 1 and KS2 average Increase of over 20% in Expected Standard and over 13 % in Greater Depth at KS2.


Letter received by a large Primary School who recently implemented McKie Mastery. Letter written by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector :
’I am pleased to see that new ways of teaching the curriculum in both English and Mathematics are providing pupils with a better, more logically sequenced way of learning’
(December 2019)

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